Requirements for the Y-DNA CASON Surname project 

 The requirement for this project has been set up for all the members to enjoy and to benefit from the information provided by the individual participating members. The sharing of information is of key importance in our quest as we strive to locate our past linage and make family connections.  


1.     Order your test kit from FTDNA. CLICK HERE

         For the Cason DNA project we recommend you choose the 25 marker test at a minimum.

         The 37 markers is ideal, as it refines matches to a degree that a real relationship can be determined with another person, and you get a finer prediction on your Most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA).

         The 12 marker test is simply not enough to determine a real and close match.

         The 67 marker may be too expensive. Remember, test only what you need, upgrade only when necessary.

2.     Complete the pedigree form that will be emailed to your project administrator. CLICK HERE

         After you have sent in your test kit and have received your kit number from FTDNA we ask that you fill out the pedigree form. It will be approximately 6 to 8 weeks before you receive you test result back from FTDNA. This should be enough time for you to complete the necessary forms. This information will be used  so you and others in the project can compare relationship connections.

3.      Complete the personal information request form. CLICK HERE

         Questions asked on this form will be for you personal information. You will be asked if you are the direct participant or if you are submitting the Y-DNA test in proxy as a family member or genealogist. Your full name and/or the tested persons full name. An email address, either yours or the person that should be contacted. This information will be viewed by other members in this project. Your FTDNA kit number, Y-search ID, should you join that group. This information will be shared with the other members of the Cason project and will be available for public viewing. You will be asked which information you wish to share with the others. If you choose not to share any of the information then you may be excluded from this project.


Neither this project's administrator or co-administrator receives any monetary benefits from this project. Their work is voluntary in support of the belief that this information should be freely shared with the Cason project members and the genealogical community; however the individual participants as contributors and I reserve copyright privileges lest anyone attempt to publish the reports, in whole or in part, for profit or any other purpose. Ronald Cason
Copyright 2006 the Cason Surname DNA Project. All rights reserved.