This website came under attack by an individual who though it their prerogative to take the pertinent information from this site to several public genealogy forums and denounce this website and its genealogical DNA study as illegitimate. This person stating in their personal opinion the information on this site is merely conjecture based on prior years of false claims and that the information provided here has been manipulated falsely by its members.

In order to help prevent this sort of unwarranted action from taking place again, I believe it necessary to remove from the general publics view the names of the persons tested, and the names and email addresses of those persons.

The people in this test group paid for their DNA test and have voluntarily allowed their results and other information to be made public with the understanding it would be used to assist others in the genealogical research. It does not give anyone or any group the right to take this information nor the names or email addresses of those involved in this test group into a public forum to be maligned. 

Please continue checking back with us as this website will be back online soon.

Website Administrator
Ronald Cason

Welcome to the Cason DNA Surname Project !

The Cason Surname DNA Project welcomes all who are interested in working together to find their common heritage through the sharing of pedigree information and dna testing.

The Cason surname project is open to any male of any of the listed surnames or to any man believing that he is descended from a variant surname. The project is open to any spelling variation of the name Cason; Casson, Caison, Cayson, Caston, Causon, Causton, Causten, Caustin, Causon, Cawson, Cawsten, Cawston, Corston, Costen, Costin, Costing, Coston, Costyn and Coyston.

If you would like to join this project,
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If your variant of the Surname Cason is not on the list, but you believe that you would like to join this project, then please contact the Cason project group administrator- Ronald Cason


The Cason surname project is pleased to announce the launching
of a new eBook by John Causton


Causton, Caston and Cason,
Heraldry and Genealogy- Some seals, Crests and Shields




 Causton One-Name Study
This link contains variants of the name Causton includes Cason.



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Cason Family Home Pages
If you are a  Cason and would like to have your Family Home Page linked from this website then please
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Group Administrator- Ronald Cason
Co-Administrator- E. L. "Boe" Williams

Neither this project's administrator or co-administrator receives any monetary benefits from this project. Their work is voluntary in support of the belief that this information should be freely shared with the Cason project members and the genealogical community; however the individual participants as contributors and I reserve copyright privileges lest anyone attempt to publish the reports, in whole or in part, for profit or any other purpose. Ronald Cason

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